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site engineer, Architecture & Développement, Jagaran Nepal




TOT for safer reconstruction, First Aid training, ArcGIS, Civil 3D

Do you work with other major risks professionals?

    Beside EQ landslide and flood are two main risks in Nepal. Every year there is a huge loss of life and property. I am mainly focused on Earthquake related field but I also have worked in landslide area as it comes along with Earthquake. I was involved in safe demolition and debris management of earthquake affected area to reduce the further risk from the damaged building. I have worked for land Protection work in order to reduce disaster risk. Now I am mainly focused in habitat literacy part, to make people aware about various risk and also to give recommendation to reduce it, mail y focused on earthquake related subjects.

Global Reconstruction Project Thangpalkot, Sindhupalchowk, Nepal

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Debris Management Program, UNDP Nuwakot District, Nepal

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Global Reconstruction Project Thangpalkot, Sindhupalchowk, Nepal

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In which extent are you facing major risks?

    The Major risk in Nepal is earthquake (EQ), beside this landslide; flood and different consequences brought by these events can also be categorized as the major risk.  There is always a fear.  We have just faced the massive earthquake and it is predicted to occur soon as our land is an earthquake prone zone. People in the affected areas are still living in either temporary shelter or in the affected house with simple repair. Due to EQ, there is a risk of landslide, rock fall, cracks in land, liquefaction etc. which can create more problems in human lives.

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