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architect, ABVM + Maidan tent




Bachelor degree in Architecture from IUAV, 2011

Master degree in Architecture from Aarhus school of Architecture, 2014

    I had my first experience in designing a major risk architecture with the Ti kay là Project. An earthquake-proof housing complex for an orphanage in Anse-à-Pitres, Haiti.

    In order to make the project safe but also buildable by local workforce with local materials and pleasant for the kids, I decided to combine wood and reinforced concrete. These two materials have different characteristics and both work very good in seismic areas.

    We decided to use reinforced concrete to create a slab that garantees stability and wooden columns to make the structure flexible enought. 

refugee camp
Ti kay là

Currently I am working on the Maidan tent, a project for the refugee camps in Greece.

I personally consider that people who left their homes because of wars or persecutions and now are living in refugee camps, are exposed to major risks too. In that case the threat is more psycological then physical. In fact living in a refugee camp can expose people to the so called migration trauma. Thats why with a friend we designed and are about to install a tent that works as a community space for Ritsona camp’s residents.


We went to Greece various times to study the situation in the refugees camps and collect informations and we designed a stucture that takes into consideration the people’s basic needs for a space : where to take care of their daily activities outside their living units.

In which extend are you facing major risks ?

Do you work with other major risks professionals ?

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